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Why Men's Workshop Razor?

ทำไมต้อง มีดโกนหนวด Men's Workshop ? - Bagspace

From Bagspace's single concept is leather products for all men. which the heart or key message remains, moreover, we want to be a part of every man even more. because we care about everyone Want to be a part of everyday life to improve the quality of life of all men

which is consistent with the concept and concept of Men's Workshop, namely

' Every man deserves a quality shaving experience. at a reasonable price'

Because from what I saw, the razor is like another item that is necessary for many men. It is something in everyone's daily life. But why is the price of razors in the market so different?

And from the Pain Point we can clearly see as follows Thus was born as Men's Workshop, razor products. packed with quality But it comes at a price that deserves everyone, plus a beautiful box packaging. Suitable for personal use or as a gift, I guarantee that you will definitely like it.

Our Men's Workshop razor products are priced at 389 baht, which is 389 baht (the opening price before the official sale is only 219 baht). What do you get?

  • 6 stainless steel blades made in Sweden (Sweden)

  • The curved blade head is soft to the contour of the face. with excellent quality lubricating strips

  • The handle is covered with rubber (Rubber) designed to reduce slippery when wet. and increase firmness Makes you feel comfortable when shaving. Because it doesn't need to exert a lot.

  • The handle has a weight of about 42 grams, and it feels good to hold. have the right weight Not too heavy and too light

  • Black packaging that can be given as a gift box. 

While the rough spec is like this, if it's another brand, the price would be 400++ already, but we choose to sell only at this price. because our products are not sold in the store And there is no need to pay the presenter fee. Therefore, there is no good reason to mark-up the price too expensive.

And the most important difference of Men's Workshop and other brands is that apart from the above mentioned that Our brand, in addition to having a beautiful, elegant design, also shows the potential and efficiency of shaving through the 6-blade blade made of stainless steel in Sweden and to create a new shaving experience. We are determined to make this product the best it can be. Choose the best materials best ingredients best design Makes it like a razor that is not just a razor anymore Because it can be both souvenirs gifts that show care And the value and experience that will be obtained from now on through our razors, shaving smoother, not hurting the face, not having to shave many times Moreover, the price is cheaper than half and half. Plus, get good quality products at reasonable prices that meet all lifestyles and reflect your own identity through the Men's Workshop.

I want everyone to try to open their minds to use the brand Men's Workshop. Quality can compete with expensive items. at a more economical price

Why pay more expensive than unnecessary, right? When the good stuff is here

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