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The vicious circle of shaving

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The main problem when shaving that we already know among men is that there are often symptoms that shave and shave and cut. The solution is to move. Buy the one that is more expensive To shave smoother, smoother, in exchange for more oily blades or the properties that it improves, whatever In order not to cause injury during shaving itself. which is the solution at the end of the cause It is a simultaneous cause that makes us have to 'Unnecessary waste of money'

This is actually a global problem. because men also have this problem But how can you do it? Most of the brands that dominate the market are big brands. expensive upgrades And this is the main problem. People should have the opportunity to get a razor at a fairer price, good quality, beautiful design, not less expensive than the ones that are on sale, and be able to use the rest of the money for other things (which are actually Houses). brand, but the service life will be less. And the items that are obtained are not of very high quality. In the end, it will loop like before. that have to change to buy big brands, causing more money to be lost)

So why don't consumers like us have the opportunity to use a razor that is good quality, beautiful design, but not overly expensive?

to visualize more You can click to read the next article . Compare each other clearly, punch-to-punch. To see how each type of razor has advantages - outstanding.

Click to see the comparison table. Each model of razor
Click to see the comparison table. Each model of razor