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Conditions for changing and returning products

1) If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason We are happy to exchange or refund the product. But you need to inform us within the day that the product is received. If receiving goods by mail, it will count from the date of receiving the goods. If it's a motorcycle, you must inform after receiving no more than 12 hours, or if it's a bus station or Thai Airways. You must notify us within 24 hours or 1 day after the delivery date. which counts from the delivery receipt You must receive a written confirmation of the replacement or return from us only. therefore being able to send the product back If the specified period is exceeded We reserve the right to change or return the product.

2) Returned or exchanged products Must be a product that has not been used And the wrapped plastic bag is still in perfect condition without tearing. And there must be no marks or creases of the leather in addition to the condition before sending out from the warehouse.

3) In case of all preferences, leather color, size, please see before tearing the bag. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted.

4) If you want to return the product You need to send the item back to the warehouse. All expenses must be borne by you. And after passing through the inspection of the product successfully The company will have a period of approximately 14 days to return the product.

5) If you want to change the product You cannot switch to a lower priced model. along with expenses You are responsible for all And we will resend the product you want. after receiving the original product back and have already passed the inspection only

6) In case of product replacement The company reserves the right to send products that have been changed by post only.

7) Only for customers who come to buy at the warehouse. can not refund or change the product due to selection and carefully inspect the quality of the product by yourself

8) If the error is caused by us, such as sending the wrong product model Did not receive the product according to the order or the product is damaged Which the product is damaged means that the product cannot be used, such as a broken zipper, a broken button, a broken shoulder strap. or the inability to work normally In this regard, the customer must notify immediately after receiving the product. And for the reasons under clause 7) if the customer does not notify us to take action within the specified period The company reserves the right not to be responsible.

9) Promotional Products or promotional products cannot be exchanged or returned

10) Expenses such as round-trip transportation, fees, and handling charges If you want to change or return The customer is entirely responsible.

11) In the event that the product has details such as cutting / sewing marks that are not the same as in the picture The color of the film is distorted and does not match the illustration. Type of leather, marks on leather, pattern of leather that is different from the picture on the website material and color of used parts Size and weight of bags or spare parts, the details of which are as follows. You cannot refer to the actual product. From the condition of item 10) If you want to change or return the product You are responsible for all expenses.

12) Terms and conditions of AP Maverick Company, website operator We reserve the right to change/modify without prior notice.

The company AP Maverick Co., Ltd., website operator We reserve the right to change, correct information or add. all agreements without prior notice