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The Bag for Men's Life

The Bag for Men's Life - Bagspace

The essence of a journey is our collective connection to the time. Which develops into a unique worn-in effect with time. They just get better with age, giving the vintage-inspired vibe like no other. It was said that “time proves quality” that takes you exactly as you are but always leaves you somehow changed... for the better goods and better life.

We wanted to find a way to take a little piece of that feeling with us no matter where we found ourselves. So, we started making things that come from what is found or functional for all lifestyle, and flexible. Couple that with a love of leather and great design.

Our pieces are what we wear to remind of us our remembered of journeys and who we are when we're in, on, around the leisure. It's that instantaneous internal adjustment to put us back in that place and an external badge of honor to show what we're really about which gives an individual piece a unique character as usage time goes by Life is a journey

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