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Philosophy - Bagspace

Every man carries within him stories and memories. Some of which are written in a journal while some simply remembered. Every man, regardless of the status quo, is entitled the right to possess a certain amount of space in his heart in which all the histories are kept so personally. We, however, hold this slightly different. Space is infinite and never strictly defined in any specific form.

In a metaphorical sense, it is much like a blank canvas equally created for the painter, or a man of any means for that matter, who is responsible for expressing a unique purpose and telling stories through all the perfections and imperfections that have occurred along the process. Inspired by this, we aim to create something that
a man can own for life, the equivalent of the blank canvas that can be used for containing things, literally. Enduring and beautiful, a leather bag carries both your past and present of which the value can only be uniquely assessed by the owner, whose identity is defined by the distinctive appearance of the bag itself after years of trust and experience. This is where scratches and scars are viewed as characters for they are after all your very own life story teller.

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