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new! Lighter, more comfortable to use with the new Premium Light Aniline leather (50% lighter than before)

ใหม่! เบากว่า ใช้สบายมากขึ้น กับหนังใหม่ Premium Light Aniline (เบากว่าเดิม 50%) - Bagspace

"Make your everyday lifestyle easier and more streamlined. with lighter premium leather But the older it gets, the more beautiful it gets. as before Let's live the life of movie item lovers."

Our new collection will be lighter than before. but still maintains its own identity and uniqueness as always The charm of the story during use will not change. DURABILITY FOR WORKING DAYS And it's light enough to take anywhere with ease. all day Plus, there are traces and patterns that are unique as always.

Normally, the leather that we choose to use is Nubuck. or Pull-up is already unique in terms of durability and charm of traces of use that will gradually clearer by day Whether it's scratched sweat stain sunlight Satire won't ruin our skins But it will make the natural beauty come up instead. resulting in a unique pattern that is unique in each piece of leather for each user

Today we have brought our identity and identity. Let's add a new user experience. with a collection of premium leather that is twice as light It also has a more shiny surface. The longer it takes, the more shiny the leather will be. As for the pattern, it will stand out even more clearly. and although the weight is much lighter But the durability remains unchanged. Can be used all day with a new feeling of light leather. comfortable and more flexible It can also be more adapted to different lifestyles. Allowing you to use your favorite leather items as often and for as many occasions as you want.