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Keep going to the end! Premium nubuck leather Made in Italy 🇮🇹

ไปต่อให้สุด! หนังนูบัคพรีเมี่ยม Made in Italy 🇮🇹 - Bagspace

It's been 10 years since Bagspace has passed on our belief that 'a trace is a pattern' through quality leather bags with various designs and looks. scratches and roughness That appears on the leather becomes a reflection of the fun story of the owner of the bag and to improve the user experience of leather bags to the next level This time, we have Premium Nubuck leather as the key. that will be unlocked for people who like movies Get to play the highest grade and specification which is rare in the market

Leather lovers will know well that nubuck leather is an outer cowhide sheet that is sanded until it has short hairs. soft touch like velvet by the charm that makes many The fascinator is the natural pattern of cowhide. Which we often see that each type of leather bag often has different patterns on the leather sheets. From the leather that appears less patterned, the surface is smooth and neat, to the leather that shows the natural pattern of cows.

We have selected genuine leather, Premium Nubuck, Full-Grain Leather, which is the best grade of leather, the texture and texture will be as complete as possible. by showing clear markings of the cow's skin This allows the leather to maintain the natural look of genuine leather. Which scratches or wrinkles on the leather sheet will remain the same as before. Become a unique identity of Full-Grain Leather that movie lovers will love. because he fell in love with the classics, the original that comes with stories in every parchment

Top-Grain Leather VS Full-Grain Leather

Many people may still wonder about the grade of cowhide leather, how are they different between Top-Grain Leather and Full-Grain Leather? must first introduce that If talking about liking We each have different preferences for details. Some people will appreciate a leather bag with a smooth finish. Some people like their leather bags to have a natural pattern.

Each grade of leather has interesting unique characteristics.

It is said about the grain of cow leather. Grain is skin selection. The bovine skin has natural pores in the leather. Beautiful skin can be used. The skin that is not beautiful The surface will be polished or ground and then painted, called Top-Grain Leather .

Full-Grain Leather section that maintains the original value of cow leather. It is a leather that shows the traces of the skin and pores. Hence, the price is higher than Top-Grain Leather because the cows must be well-fed and not have many wounds or defects. because it will affect the quality of the leather Therefore, it must be cows from farms to produce parchment. By looking at the quality of parchment, it is necessary to look at many factors combined, including origin, breed, quality tanning plant. If it's a European country, the climate is different from tropical countries, so the cow's skin looks different. when passing through a quality tanning plant Produced as a premium leather sheet, it is even more pleasant to the touch, soft and gives a raw luxury feel than the standard grade leather sheet used to use.

Premium Nubuck leather that you will use this. Originated in Italy, Made in Italy 🇮🇹

And have selected a total of 5 colors, taking into account simple, easy to use, earth tone colors that can be matched with a classic lifestyle in which we take into account that if used for a long time, it must not look out of trend, not boring, but still have the charm that classic lovers will appreciate, namely

Type Oily Nubuck - If you like oily nubuck A bit slippery to the touch, with beautiful grain patterned leather. and want some type This one is the thinnest in the Premium Nubuck family.

Hazelnut color : orange tone leather, lightweight texture, slightly shiny. There is a transparency of the color, making it look dimensional. You can see the natural pattern of cow leather clearly. It is a color that is suitable for those who like elegance. Looks stylish.

Classic Nubuck type - If you want to play Premium Nubuck but don't know which type, I recommend these 2 colors first.

Dark Brown color Dark brown leather sheet, smooth, cool, smooth, tightly packed fibers. Rub or touch the soft texture like velvet. It's a perfect color for people who like a darker look. that does not require much dressing up But carrying this color bag can still look good on any occasion.

Fade Brown color, light brown leather sheet It's a simple color. It is a color that is in the middle between the dark. and smoothness or tenderness Suitable for people who don't want a lot of color. but also looks vintage style Access to all occasions

Type Vintage Nubuck - This carater is in the middle, medium oiliness, medium softness, but the result is a different color than normal colors. and the skin looks vintage without having to wait for a long time

Deep Forest color, dark green tone leather panel The appearance of the skin is a Matt texture with a soft and fluffy touch. clearly see the pattern of the cow leather Suitable for nature-loving, peace-loving characters when matched with other earth-toned items. The more it promotes the look to look good.

Deep Sea color, dark blue tone leather panel The appearance of the skin is a Matt texture with a soft and fluffy touch. The leather pattern is small and detailed. Therefore, it looks smooth, cool, and completely smooth, indicating the owner's inner character. gives a mysterious look

classic things In addition to having a story to find It has also become a collectible that is worth owning. Classic car collectors are proud of their stories of rare shapes and auto parts. Vintage toy collectors are proud to share the provenance value of each piece. As for Thai leather collectors, we are proud of the charm of natural cowhide. with unique wrinkles And the more you use it, the more it becomes an indication of the owner's 'growth'. Let's continue the new experience with the top movie of Bagspace.