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Design & Production

Design & Production - Bagspace

We pay attention in detail on functionality in every bag design and the quality of the raw material used in the production. While pre-distressed leather bags appear quite attractive to the eye, our design philosophy takes the opposite view: clean, unfinished leather bags give the natural appearance we all love, which develops into a unique worn-in effect with time. They just get better with age, giving the vintage-inspired vibe like no other. It was said that “time proves quality”. All of our leather products are expertly produced by craftsmen with over decades of experience and made of genuine leather, which is durable and can develop beautiful patina and gives an individual piece a unique character as usage time goes by.

Most of our bags are designed to look clean and pristine when arriving. The first scratch will break your heart but after a few scars, you start to learn and appreciate all these imperfections and flaws which have given the bag true individuality.

In other words, Bagspace provides the sketch, leaving the buyer to finish it up. Whether it be a college student commuting across the city to school, a businessman going to the boardroom, or a traveler exploring an unfamiliar terrain. Scratches and scars are characters; here, the user is the final artisan.

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