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Advantages and Highlights of each model of razor

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In the previous article we talked about shaving problem that you men must experience Coming to this article, it will be about What are some advantages and disadvantages that should have features? and where is each different? Let's start watching. that Thai people like to use what kind Fist-for-fist comparison. Let's measure it.

House Brand : A brand that can be bought online in department stores. leading stores or convenience store There is a cheap-medium price. but the quality meets the price It may not be a good fight if compared to Global Brand, but it has the advantage that it's not expensive. Not cheap until the quality is not good, considered average and the highlight is that it is very easy to find.

3 blades : price ranges from 120 – 180 baht.
5 Blades : Price ranges from 250 - 300 baht.

Global Brand : A world famous brand that everyone knows well. There are many forms of products for a variety of applications to choose from. But in exchange for a price that is too high for general consumers to reach Because the brand is famous and the technology of the product is very good, so there is a positioning at a high price.

3 blades : price ranges from 180 – 230 baht.
5 blades : price in the range of 400 baht

Let's see from the table that I have made. will be able to see each other more clearly
And then comes the Men's Workshop razor, designed to take Beyond beyond that. Why? Let's see. (Scroll down..)

There are up to 6 blades. Made of high quality Stainless Steel in Sweden.

Arrangement of blades will be arranged in a pair of 2 pairs, a total of 3 pairs, helping the mustache that has been shaved through not clogged along the blade groove. therefore retaining more sharpness This is the reason why shaving is comfortable and does not hurt the skin.

 strong handle It has weight , made of Metal, so it gives a much better feeling. When you touch it, you will know immediately that Engineered for Men especially.

All of these, 1 set consists of a handle and a blade, 1 piece each , the normal price is 389 baht (but for customers who read the article here, we have a discount of only 219 baht , which you can click to see the product right away).

* which, if normal, this price can be found in general stores You will get only a razor with only 3 blades.

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