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Bagspace: From leather to personal care products with Men's Workshop

Bagspace จากเครื่องหนังสู่ผลิตภัณฑ์ดูแลสุขภาพกับ Men's Workshop - Bagspace

From the beginning in 2009 that we intend to make leather products. Whether it's a bag or shoes But above all, when the brand travels through many events, it makes us want to do something new for our customers even more. Because our intention is Want to be a part of making the lives of all customers better With a new concept "The Best Version of Yourself" from the beginning with a used leather bag that has become cooler. Leather shoes that are more comfortable to wear. Including movies that have more characters than ever in the market

And now we want more customers than ever before. Bagspace is partnering with a team in the UK. Along with new products that meet all men's needs to look better in every dimension feel the best second to none Let us be a better part of everyone's daily life. Therefore, we have an idea to present the Men's Workshop brand, with the first product to be released is a razor.

As for the reason why a razor is because the 'mustache' is something that is already with all men. It doesn't matter whether you have a big mustache, a small mustache, beard or no beard. Therefore, shaving is inseparable from men's life. It's like a part of everyday life already. Whether it's for cleanliness, including good hygiene. Plus, you can carry it anywhere. which is exactly in line with our intentions who want to answer the question "The Best Version of Yourself"

The reason why we have this idea pops up in our heads. Originally a leather brand Turning to focus on health care products for men, the answer is because we see that our 'products' are no longer limited to just the product itself. It doesn't have to be leather. But we look more at the needs of 'customers' because our original intention was do more for customers So it would make sense. makes us not only look at ourselves on one side And turn to focus more on all customers who travel with us.