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How to buy a razor How to buy to be satisfied

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If in the past Men like us may not have to consider the need to buy a razor too much. because they are all the same, right? Focusing only on speed Buy at a convenience store Only the cheap one is enough, but when actually using it, it may only be used for a few times and it will break or break, or maybe the blade may not be sharp. in spite of the fact that razor if we choose to buy Choose to use appropriately. It may stay with us longer than you think and is good for our facial health as well. Just buy the right type according to your needs and suitability. Today we come to tell you tips for buying a razor. How to buy to be satisfied How to buy properly

  1. Shop for a razor by the number of blades according to the thickness of the hair.

Who would have thought that the 'thickness of the hair' would also affect the choice of razor? However, foreign articles revealed that If we want to shave with maximum efficiency You should notice the thickness of your own hair that is how thick it is. Then choose to use the razor later to get the right type.

  1. Choose to suit our use.

Even if it's the same razor But the shape of each model, including the functionality, will vary. But how do we know which style is most suitable for our needs? Today, Men's Workshop has given 2 examples.

Choose a swing neck. This makes it easy to move along the Face Line.

Razor designed to allow the neck to move up and down. also known as a swing This allows the blade head to move better. even used in the Face line area , which has a lot of curves Without having to exert a lot of effort, you can shave smoothly. Safe to use

Choose to use a model designed to grip and not slip.

Sometimes shaving requires applying cream or soap first. making the hand quite slippery which if you use a razor without a grip The rougher the surface, the more slippery your hand will be. This makes it difficult to control the pressure while shaving. Shaving is ineffective or can even cause serious injury. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid buying a model whose handle is made of only plastic without rubber or other materials covering it.